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Initial contact

You have finally made the decision to have someone create that photo album you have always dreamed about. I would love to be that someone. Contact me via e-mail at, with a simple summary of your album ideas. I will respond, usually within 24-48 hours, with details on how to proceed.

Organize your photographs

Once you have decided on an album theme (i.e., sister's wedding, baby's first year, a year in review, your European vacation, etc.). Arrange all the photos you wish to have included in the album in order. It does not necessarily need to be in chronological order. You can arrange the photos by theme, milestones, seasons, etc. Through the planning process I will determine how many pages the photographs require.

Place each group of photos in a zip lock bag and include the date and any pertinent information on a piece of scrap paper (do not use post it notes or write on the photos themselves). It is not necessary to get down all the journaling you wish to have included at this point. You will have another opportunity to journal during the planning phase via your website.

If you have numerous photos that fit into the theme of the album and have difficulty choosing which ones to include, I can do that for you. Simply mail them all and when I e-mail you my preliminary plans for the page I will include my final choice of photos and those I will not be using. At that point you would either accept my selection or make suggestions for changes.

It is not a problem to include ALL your cherished photos if you wish. Editing is not always necessary.

Any photos not used will be mailed back to you with your completed album.

Purchase your album and page accessories

You can find scrapbook albums at your local scrapbooking store, Walmart, Jo Ann Fabrics, etc. You can also purchase an album online. Just ensure that you choose an album that is acid and lignin free. If you choose to purchase your album online, you can have it shipped directly to me to avoid paying for shipment of the album twice. I recommend the postbound albums. If you decide to go with a strap-hinged album, please note that you will need to purchase page protectors separately.

Here are two links to online stores that sell scrapbook albums:

Generally, albums come with 10 pages already included and additional pages come in quantities of five to ten. If you are certain as to how many pages we will need, purchase the quantities in advance. If you are not certain, buy less than you think we will need and I can always purchase more along the way at your request and add it to your total bill. If you are unfamiliar with scrapbook albums, I can suggest my favorite type of scrapbook album

If you purchase an album at a brick and mortar store, include the album and any additional pages and their protectors in the package with your photos.

Print and complete my Customer Agreement

Print a copy of my Customer Agreement. Complete the form with your signature and date and include the form in the package with your photos.

Mail your photos, deposit and signed Customer Agreement to my address

Place all your photos in a photo-safe envelope or folder and then pack the envelope in a small, sturdy box. Ensure the photos will not shift around by packing the box securely. Include a completed copy of the Customer Agreement with your signature and date, your scrapbook album, and any additional pages with their page protectors. If you will be paying by check, please include the deposit amount of 50% of the total estimated cost, as quoted via my e-mail, made payable to Tracy Austin. Mail the package to my home address which I will send to you via e-mail.

The creative process begins

I will send you an e-mail letting you know that I have received your photo package and will then schedule a time for me to ring you in order for me to get a clear picture as to how you envision your album. Once my bank clears your check, I will e-mail you the plans for your first few pages. The e-mail will include a hyperlink to your webpage. I use the webpage to include you in the creative process.

See sample customer webpage layout plans.

Once the page is completed I will place it on your webpage for you to view with an e-mail notifying you of the update.

Upon completion

Once I have completed your album I will e-mail you the final bill for your album. Once I receive payment for the remaining balance, I will mail all the pages in their protectors assembled in the album to the mailing address of your choice using certified and insured mail. If you choose to pay by check, I will mail the completed album once your check has been cleared by the bank. I will send you an e-mail notifying you of the date it was mailed and a bill for shipping charges that are due upon receipt.


Once you receive the album, you have 7 days to contact me concerning any changes you wish for me to make. I truly wish you to be happy with your album. I agree to completely redo a total of two pages that you are not happy with and in addition, make adjustments to up to four pages. The customer will incur all return shipping costs.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail concerning any questions you may have about my services or your album Return policy Shipping policy Price list About me How to place an order FAQ Layout Gallery Scrapbooking for you dot com